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Welcome to Worcester Veterinary Care

Our mission is to offer quality veterinary care in a small, home-based setting that allows us to personalize our services to each family’s unique needs and resources. We  strive to cultivate a community  of pet owners that share our love and respect for animals.   Caring for dogs, cats and critters from the Heart -

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S u s p e n d i s s e s e m l o r e m , o r n a r e n o n , v e s t i b u l u m u t , t e m p o r p o r t t i t o r , e s t . Q u i s q u e c o n v a l l i s a l i q u e t e r o s . N u n c n e c n u l l a e g e t u r n a c o n v a l l i s e l e i f e n d .

From annual shots and wellness visits to a full-service clinic and well trained, certified Veterinary staff, we pride ourselves in communicating with you and your pet the very best options for optimal health and wellness. We offer house calls, online consultations and phone-in options as well.


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Worcester Vet Care is dedicated to helping pets and their owners in having a healthy life regardless of income level.  If you need financial assistance, we are involved in the Mitzvah Fund, a non-profit organization helping pet owners who are in financial need keep their pets healthy and happy.